On February 20, 2019, the regular General Meeting of the members/experts of the Public Association „International Council on Large Electric Power Systems CIGRE in Ukraine” took place.
At the meeting was unanimously elected the chairman – President Svetelik O. and the secretary – executive director Zenyuk O.

At the beginning of the meeting it was noted that in 2018 in the Association were 13 collective and 52 individual members / experts.
7 people have been accepted as members / experts of the Association:
– Alyokhin O. – Product Manager of Huawei LLC;
– Andrienko B. – Soft Team Group member;
– Kovalenko D. – member of NKREKP;
– Kozin L. – Head of the Laboratory of Telematics at the DTEK Kyiv Electric Grids;
– Ostrenko M. – Soft Team Group member;
– Shcherbak I. – Sales Director of LLC Huawei Ukraine;
– Sztefunyk J. – Director of LLC “Consulting and engineering center PUE-21”.

According to the agenda at the meeting it were discussed and approved:
1. The Report on the Public Association „СIGRE-Ukraine” / Ukrainian NC CIGRE Activities in 2018, submitted by President Svetelik O.
2. The Report on the Public Association „СIGRE-Ukraine” / Ukrainian NC CIGRE Technical Committee Meetings in 2018 (and the decisions taken at it and the results of their implementation), submitted by the First Vice-president Bondarenko Yu.
3. The Report of the Audit Commission on the Results of the Inspections of the Public Association „СIGRE-Ukraine” / Ukrainian NC CIGRE Activities in 2018 (with the absence of comments to the business and accounting).
4. The Work Plan of the Public Association „СIGRE-Ukraine” / Ukrainian NC CIGRE for 2019.
5. The Membership fees of the Public Association „СIGRE-Ukraine” / Ukrainian NC CIGRE for 2019.
6. The Cost estimate of the Public Association „СIGRE-Ukraine” / Ukrainian NC CIGRE for 2019.
7. The new Logo of the Public Association „СIGRE-Ukraine” / Ukrainian NC CIGRE.

At the meeting it was noted that the main activities results of the Public Association „СIGRE-Ukraine” / Ukrainian NC CIGRE in 2018 were as following:
1. The organization and condacting of the 2nd Regional Conference SEERC: „Energy Transition and Innovations in Electricity Sector”, June 12-13 2018, Kyiv.
2. The participation in the 47th CIGRE Session-2018, 26-31 August 2018, Paris, France.
3. The establishment of 3 working groups of the Ukrainian NC CIGRE:
– Work Group on the Preparation of Proposals for the Implementation of SMART-GRID.
– Work Group on the Energy Supply Reliability Assessment.
– Work Group on the Teleinformation for the Tasks of Operational-dispatching and Operational-technological Management in the Large Electric Systems.
4. The participation in the XVI International Trade Fair “Power Engineering for Industry 2018” within the framework of the International Forum “Fuel and Energy Complex of Ukraine: the Present and the Future”, November 6 8 2018, the International Exhibition Center.
5. The conducting the V Ukrainian Energy Engineers Workshop.
6. The publication of the Public Association „СIGRE-Ukraine” / Ukrainian NC CIGRE members / experts articles in the magazines „Terminal”, „Power engineering and electrification” and „Electric systems and networks”.
7. The creating a new website of the Public Association „СIGRE-Ukraine” / Ukrainian NC CIGRE.

The First Vice-president Bondarenko Yu.:
– emphasized the importance of the authority of Ukrainian NC CIGRE and understanding of the its place in the system of modern world trends of the Second Regional Conference of South-Eastern European Countries (SEERC) held in Kiev, in which participated 390 specialists from 30 countries of the world and the 70 technical reports were presented;
– emphasized the need for the revival of the system of unified scientific and technical policy in electro-power engineering, experts cohesion in the implementation of practical implementation issues a New Energy Strategy for Ukraine in the transition conditions to a new electricity market;
– drew attention to the challenges that are associated with:
a) the systemic lagging of the transition of Ukraine from the standards of the former USSR to the IEC standards;
b) the unsystematic implementation of renewable energy sources in the conditions of the absence of prospects for the Generating Capacities Development, and first foremost Hydro Power Plants and Pumped Storage Power Plants;
c) the uncertainty with the lifetime extension and the new construction of the NPPs and TPPs;
d) the lack of the system work to increase the reliability of power supply, suspension of implementation of the technologies for the activities under the voltage;
e) the engaging to the projects of foreign experts as consultants.

Executive Director Zenyuk O. stressed that:
The Work Plan of the Public Association „СIGRE-Ukraine” / Ukrainian NC CIGRE for 2019 was drawn up taking into account the experience in 2018.
The draft Work Plan of the Public Association „СIGRE-Ukraine” / Ukrainian NC CIGRE for 2019 takes into account comments and suggestions that were received form all the members /experts after the reviewing.
The Work Plan of the Public Association „СIGRE-Ukraine” / Ukrainian NC CIGRE for 2019 included items to work with the Institute of National Academy of Science of Ukraine and ministries and other authority bodies within the framework of which it is envisaged to develop proposals for programs for the development of generating capacities and industry, which is conditioned by the necessity:
a) support of the domestic producer through, in particular – the introduction of amendments to the Law of Ukraine “On Public Procurement” as regards the use of the term “life cycle cost” contained in the EU Directive 2014/24 / EC concerning the definition of criteria for cost of procurement of goods and services to the cost of their complete life cycle – from the cost of repairs and maintenance to the cost of decommissioning (which for domestic goods is several times less than for imported ones);
b) the development of a new energy market, European integration, taking into account rigid environmental factors, and interstate balances;
c) the reasoned bringing to society of catastrophic consequences for energy, ecological and ecological safety from realization of proposals of ecological movements and separate scientists not only not to construct new Hydroelectric Power Plants, but also to shut off with the descent of water from reservoirs, to close Thermal and Nuclear power plants.

During the meeting the members / experts Bondarenko Yu., Kachalenko G., Kontorovich L., Krivitskyy V., Prystupchuk O., Svetelik O., Shpak O. and Sztefunyk J. made suggestions and comments to the Work Plan for 2019 that were summarized and took into account.

Overall General Meeting held constructively, with the definition of the main priorities and objectives Public Association „СIGRE-Ukraine” / Ukrainian NC CIGRE for 2019, which implementation is supported by finance according to the defined members fees and expenditure per year.