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CIGRE is the foremost source of technical reference information on the power system and home to the worlds’ most comprehensive collection of technical publications and reference information. For an overview watch the video below or read on

Thousands of CIGRE publications have contributed to the development of solutions and best practices in use around the globe today. CIGRE reference resources stand alone for their unbiased, rigorous, real world technical orientation and excellence.

Primary CIGRE technical publications


Technical Brochures:An output of CIGRE’s 16 Study Committees and their 250+ Working Groups, Technical Brochures are globally diverse, comprehensive publications. Over 700 have been published to date, with around 40 new ones added each year.

Technical Brochures cover the full spectrum of the power system and are factually robust, with each undergoing a rigorous peer review process.

Green Books: Green Books are CIGRE’s flagship reference publications. These publications bring together multiple Technical Brochures into one definitive publication.

Event proceedings and papers: A range of highly valuable materials are created each year by the events of CIGRE’s global knowledge programme including:

  • Paris Session papers and proceedings
  • Papers produced by CIGRE Technical Working Groups
  • Symposia papers and proceedings
  • Colloquia papers

Reference Papers: Lay speak orientated Reference Papers provide important, unbiased technical information to help inform debate on hot topics being dealt with inside and outside the industry.

Magazines: CIGRE also has two regular frequency publications – ELECTRA, a bimonthly journal and CIGRE Science & Engineering (CSE), published three times per year.

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“CIGRE publications are based on practical experience and analysed data”

At a glance

  • 14000 technical reference documents and publications
  • 1000’s of downloads each month
  • 100’s of technical publications added every year

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