Technical domains

To translate CIGRE’s strategic focus into specific technical knowledge CIGRE works within 16 domains of work, each with its own expert global Study Committee and programme of work. This is the ‘engine room’ that drives CIGRE’s power system knowledge development and covers the key technical domains of the power system.

Group A – Equipment:

A1 Rotating electrical machines
A2 Power transformers and reactors
A3 Transmission and distribution equipment

Group B – Technologies:

B1 Insulated cables
B2 Overhead lines
B3 Substations and electrical installations
B4 DC systems and power electronics
B5 Protection and automation

Group C – Systems:

C1 Power system development and economics
C2 Power system operation and control
C3 Power system environmental performance
C4 Power system technical performance
C5 Electricity markets and regulation
C6 Active distribution systems and distributed energy resources

Group D – New materials and IT:

D1 Materials and emerging test techniques
D2 Information systems and telecommunication

Scope of work 2018