January 8, 2020 was signed the Memorandum on Cooperation and Interaction between the Ukrainian National Committee of the International Council on Large Electric Systems CIGRE and Limited Liability Company “EKO PRО+”.

The subject of the Memorandum is to establish partnerships and developing long-term, effective and mutually beneficial cooperation between the Parties, aimed at the development and integration of energy balancing and storage systems (Battery Energy Storage – BESS).

The Goals and Tasks of the Cooperation:
– development of state standards for the BESS systems on integration of the best world practice in the Power System of Ukraine;
– preparation of regulatory and technical documents for the BESS certification in Ukraine;
– elaboration of mechanisms for the implementation of the BESS pilot projects  – design and implementation;
– attraction of investments for implementation of the BESS projects in the Power System of Ukraine.

The Memorandum was signed by the Ukrainian National Committee of CIGRE – President Oleksandr Svetelik, and by the LLC „EKO PRO+” – director Mykola Chabanyuk. See the text of the Memorandum here.