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Доступний новий випуск журналу CIGRE Science and Engineering №33 за червень 2024 року.

Випуск доступний для всіх бажаючих за посиланням (натиснути тут).

Зміст випуску за червень 2024 року:

  • Editorial by Rob Stephen, CIGRE Science & Engineering Editor-in-Chief
  • A multi-scale finite element beam-to-solid submodelling strategy to compute contact stresses in multi-layered stranded cables
  • Determination of the Soil-Foundation Stiffnesses in Lattice Tower Structures for Numerical Modeling Applications
  • Repurposing coal power station generators as synchronous condensers on the South African grid
  • Day-ahead prediction of short-term voltage drops by random forest method
  • Integrating Green Hydrogen Systems and Emission Control Strategies in Electricity Markets: Case of Alberta and Ontario
  • Touch voltage measurements: new approach for measurements on lines in service
  • Methodology to define the arm inductance range in a Modular Multilevel Converter station for HVDC applications based on steady-state and DC pole-to-pole fault.