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Доступний новий випуск журналу CIGRE Science and Engineering №32 за лютий 2024 року.

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Зміст випуску за лютого 2024 року:

  • Editorial by Rob Stephen, CIGRE Science & Engineering Editor-in-Chief
  • Distance protection in the vicinity of VSC: present Belgian situation and outlook
  • Enhanced Real-Time Multi-Terminal HVDC Power System Benchmark Models with Performance Evaluation Strategies
  • An online probing frequency injection method for Grid-Forming IBRs inertia measurement
  • Small-Signal Analysis Benchmarking of Three Control Algorithms for Grid-Forming Inverters
  • Mitigation of fire due to high energy internal arc in bushing turrets
  • New Settlement Procedure for Unintended Exchange in Continental Europe
  • Applying a physics-consistent general power theory to practical electricity systems with unbalance and periodic waveform distortion – Part 2: GICs, meters and tariffs, and standards
  • Smart meters and human health
  • Circuit Breaker Recovery Voltage Pole Factor Calculation
  • Development of Evaluation Process for Demand-Side Resilience against Power Outage
  • Understanding and mitigating the effects of climate change on overhead transmission lines: recent developments in Italy.