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Доступний новий випуск журналу CIGRE Science and Engineering №27 за січень 2023 року.

Випуск доступний для всіх бажаючих за посиланням (натиснути тут).

Зміст випуску за січень 2023 року:

  • Editorial by Rob Stephen, CIGRE Science & Engineering Editor-in-Chief
  • A1 – An innovative power system stabilization method with augmented inertia synchronous condensers
  • A2 – Impact of Transient Voltage Generated by Valve Commutation on HVDC Transformer
  • A3 – Application of SF6 Alternatives for Retro-filling Existing Equipment
  • B1 – Best practices for Partial Discharge Monitoring of HVDC Cable Systems and Qualification Tests
  • B2 – Latest Design Standard on Structures for Overhead Transmission Lines in Japan
  • B3 – Online Monitoring and Data Analytics Enabling LV Network Investment Optimisation for a Low Carbon Future in Ireland
  • B4 – Transmission system testing of a VSC based HVDC System
  • B5 – Defining an MV/LV Protection, Automation, and Control system based on 5G network
  • C1 – A probabilistic approach to stability analysis for boundary transfer capability assessment
  • C2 – Inertia Measurements in the GB Power System used for Operations and Planning Improvements
  • C3 – Regional sustainability assessment of Energy Systems: Integrating stakeholder perspectives and conditions on a regional scale
  • C4 – Taking advantage of grid-forming BESS behaviour during major outages: contribution to improve the share of renewable energy in French isolated power systems
  • C5 – Beyond Expected Values Evolving Metrics for Resource Adequacy Assessment
  • C6 – Congestion Management in Distribution Systems with Large Presence of Renewable Energy Sources
  • D1 – Development and implementation of transformer condition monitoring models for the interpretation of sensor and SCADA data
  • D2 – DAS Technology: an opportunity to use fibre optics for asset monitoring and security applications in Electric Power Utilities