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Доступний новий випуск журналу CIGRE Science and Engineering №25 за червень 2022 року.

Випуск доступний для всіх бажаючих за посиланням (натиснути тут).

Зміст випуску за червень 2022 року:

  • Editorial by Rob Stephen, CIGRE Science & Engineering Editor-in-Chief
  • Harmonic Emission Assessment of Solar Farms: a Comparative Study Using EMT and Frequency Domain Models
  • Generalized Approach to Analytical Circuit Breaker Transient Recovery Voltage Calculation
  • Frequency and Voltage Stability Towards 100% Renewables in Suðuroy, Faroe Islands
  • Ground modeling for the design of electrical grounding systems – The determination of the geoelectric model depth
  • A Method for Managing Setting Values of Voltage Control in IEC 61850-based Distribution Automation Systems
  • Benchmarking of sealing systems of line composite insulators: ideas for innovative test methods
  • Joint Estimation of System Inertia and Load Relief
  • Secondary arc extinction in AC/DC overhead lines
  • Grid code requirements in the UK for the connection of BESS in wind systems
  • Pattern recognition based protection schemes for power transmission lines