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Доступний новий випуск журналу CIGRE Science and Engineering №24 за лютий 2022 року.

Випуск доступний для всіх бажаючих за посиланням (натиснути тут).

Зміст випуску за лютий 2022 року:

  • Editorial by Rob Stephen, CIGRE Science & Engineering Editor-in-Chief
  • Mitigation measures for increasing penetration of solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems in Distribution networks
  • Virtual Synchronous Generator Versus Synchronous Condensers: An Electromagnetic Transient Simulation-based Comparison
  • Low-cost Ultrafast Modular HVDC Circuit Breaker
  • Advanced Condition Monitoring of New and Upgraded Turbine Generators for Highly Flexible Grid Demands Using Special Fibre Optic Sensors
  • Line Resonance Analysis Implemented in a Cloud-based Monitoring System for Energized Power Cables – A Case Study
  • Comparison of electrical clearance between Japan and other countries
  • Eco-design as a systemic innovation method for offshore substations
  • Case study of dc-MMC interconnecting two HVDC lines with different grid topologies
  • Information Synergy: Integrating data across disciplines and functions
  • Distinctive Downsizing of Cone-Type Insulating Spacer for 245 kV Class GIS by Functional Insulating Materials
  • Synthetic Data – A Solution to Train Diagnostic Systems for High-Voltage Equipment without Fault-Condition Measurements
  • Limits of electric field for composite insulators: state-of-the-art and recent investigations of overhead line insulators purchased by power utilities
  • Connecting two synchronous areas with an HVDC link: The NordLink interconnector
  • Fast Frequency Response from Transmission-Connected Solar Farms: Australian Experience